In this day in age, keeping fit has become one of the top activities for someone to do in their free time. A popular way to stay in shape is by going to the gym, with multiple different types of workouts you can do, from weight lifting to light cardio. But what if you want to try a different type of activity to stay active?

This is where a Sport Club comes in useful. Sports Clubs offer many extra different activities to choose from, as well as additional services most gyms can’t provide.

More services

In a Sports Club, you can count on all the benefits and activities a gym can provide and much more, from tennis lessons to massages and physiotherapy, and even dance classes such as zumba.

For instance, Riviera Sport Club comes with 6 tennis courts, 5 padel courts, physiotherapy and even a restaurant and sports bar!

Most gymnasiums aren’t able to provide much more that various different types of equipment due to space constraints.

The Riviera Sport Club gym provides room for lessons such as spin classes, body pump, latin dance, yoga and many other activities, on top of its fully kitted out Fitness center with the latest TechnoGym equipment.

A more social environment

Due to the extra services and wide variety of people that visit Sport Clubs, it also makes it a great place to socialise and relax after a workout or session.

Most Sport Clubs come equipped with a bar or restaurant that serve their members after a game or workout, making it the perfect place to relax and hang out with friends or workout buddies.

Many other clubs such as Riviera Sport Club host weekly events and tournaments, such as their tennis Mix-ins, that promote playing as a team in a friendly and lightly competitive spirit, as well as making it a great way of meeting new people and making friends.

Another interesting difference between a sports club and a gym is that sports clubs attract individuals with comparable interests and values. Joining a group or a league is a great way of meeting people with similar likes, which could in turn create personal and even business relationships, making a sports club a great place to do networking.

In summary

The main difference between a sport club and a gym is, a sports club has more to offer!

Even if you’re not looking for any additional classes or activities, a sports club can still provide a high quality gym with amazing equipment.

If you would like to find out more about our gym or any of the other fantastic services we provide, contact us today.