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Riviera Sport Club has 5 padel courts, 4 glazed courts, and one walled court.

The club offers introductory classes from 6 years of age. The academy is divided into different levels, each level adapted to each player. We offer private or group padel lessons for adults. There will be a maximum of 4 people per group and for children no more than 12 years old, 6 people per group.

Padel, a highly recommended sport.

Padel is fully recommended for adults and children alike. It’s a sport that involves less physical wear than other sports such as tennis, for example, but at the same time it keeps us in shape, entertains and brings great benefits.

Padel Tournaments

If you have a spirit of healthy competition, do not hesitate to sign up.

On a monthly and weekly basis, different types of events are organized, among which we highlight our Mix-in tournaments to encourage the participation of all the people who play padel in our facilities…

There are short tournaments, championships, and many levels…

The benefits of padel

The fact of being in permanent movement throughout the padel match helps to strengthen and tone muscles, especially the buttocks and legs, since it is a fat-burning sport that helps reduce cholesterol levels and can even burn up to 400 calories per game.

It’s a fun sport that is very addictive because it is a perfect way to have a fun time with friends or as a couple where you can socialise and meet new people while playing sports.

Furthermore, when practising sports, the body releases endorphins, known as the happiness hormone, which create a state of well-being, improve mood and produce a positive overall satisfaction in the body.

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We have individual, group, and all levels classes…

We do technical, tactical, and physical exercises. With these 3 training areas, we work all the important aspects of the padel.