The good weather is over, so it’s put away the beach brollies to start getting fit for next summer. More and more people are encouraging themselves to go to the gym. Exercising contributes to improving our state of health, not only physical, but has great advantages for our psychological health too, so you should not miss the opportunity offered by Riviera Sport Club.

Many people still have the image of old gymnasiums, dark, with a series of machines and without directed classes. But in this day in age this has evolved a lot, they have been perfected to provide a quality and personalised service for each of their customers. If we add all the good facilities that we have in our gym, it becomes an ideal and motivating place to start with an exercise routine.

people doing exercise on medicine balls

Here are some tips and benefits of going to the gym:

  • Helps you disconnect: Going to the gym helps you disconnect and to evade you from the routine of the day to day. Performing exercises is a wonderful stress reliever because it helps you have time for yourself and clear your mind. It is a natural antidepressant, while we practice some form of sport, we focus 100% on the exercise so we evade our problems.
  • Increase self-esteem and mood: Exercise makes us feel good, when doing any physical activity endorphins are released, which are responsible for providing welfare. This is very simple as long as we consider an exercise routine and focus on the exercises leaving aside the problems and concerns.
  • Combat the presence of insomnia: After a good workout we will always end up more tired than if we do not do any kind of sport. The advisable thing is that the physical activity is practised throughout the day, and not at last hour of the evening-night so that the organism is not revealed and it does not cost us much more to conciliate the dream.
  • Meet people and create friendships: Going to a gym opens a range of possibilities to meet new people. These new bonds become a greater motivation to go to the gym and exercise. The gym offers many possibilities when it comes to meeting people, such as making friends and groups with which to find more motivation to go to train individually.
  • Practice exercise with a professional: At the gym you can practice physical exercise following the guidelines of a professional who can help you achieve your goals. With the help of a qualified professional by your side everything will be easier, since it will create a table of exercises adapted to your needs, so that you achieve your goals in a more enjoyable and effective way.
  • Healthier life habits: When an exercise routine is established, the mentality and the body change, and healthy habits are created that consume a greater amount of energy. This lost energy must be replaced with a good diet, eating accordingly to the exercise done, not too much or too little, because your body needs a minimum amount of calories to run and continue to train.