Riviera Sport Club

Birthdays & Celebrations at Riviera Sport Club

Celebrate your birthday with Riviera Sport Club!

Bring your kids to Riviera Sport Club to celebrate their birthday, with various different menus to choose from with all their favourite foods, like hamburgers, pizza and much more.

The club has a wide variety of additional services to make your birthday party unique, with different attractions such as inflatable castles, candy floss machine and even a monitor with sound equipment.

Nursery in Riviera Sport Club

Riviera Sport Club’s new nursery comes equipped with various fantastic installations that include a ballpark, a trampoline, and a game corner, where you can take part in all sorts of sporty and artistic workshops.

Our services also include child care, summer and winter camps, and school support.


A birthday party is never complete without the party food, and for this reason Riviera Sport Club offers several different menus to choose from.

From burgers and hot dogs to pizzas and ice cream, Riviera Sport Club serves all party favourites to ensure your child’s birthday is a success!


With more than ten different additional services to choose from, you can customise your child’s birthday party to be the way they want. Additional services include:

  • Inflatable castles of different styles and sizes.
  • Football field
  • Disco with lights and music
  • Artificial snow machine
  • Smoke and bubble machines.

We can also provide a monitor to take care of children and help them participate in fun games.